April 1, 2011

Black Friday!

ARGGHH! How I hate this song? Rebecca Black...why, why, why! She's like the new Justin Beiber. Just that don't let her be all over the radio. My nerves cannot take that kind of constant assault. In case you haven't seen the video here it is.

I mean I don't how in God's name you have avoided it since some Tweetomaniacs have made it some freaking trending topic and all and she's all over Youtube and Facebook. I mean she's pretty...Dumb. Yea, PRETTY DUMB. Here is what I don't like about the song.

1. Dumb Lyrics
2. RB goes to a bus stop waiting for a bus but what actually pulls up in front of her is a freaking convertible.
3. Her dumb friends who actually look a little scared of her and are so not enjoying the song she is singing but just pretending to.
4. How the girl tries to TEACH us that Saturday is after Friday and Sunday is after Saturday. REALLY?
5. That over aged man who pops up in the middle of of an under aged video. Pedophile!
6. We all love Friday but do we really need to make a song out of it! Jeez
7. Her 'Friday, Friday' sounds like 'Fried Eggs, Fried Eggs.'

It'sKingleyBitch of Youtube fame really sums it up the BEST. I love him. Here's his Video :) Let's end this video on a good bitchy note


Mrinalini said...

Hahahaha - Friday sounds like 'fried eggs.' True! True!

analytics-support said...

The fact that she says fun like 25 times in the song does NOT make it fun!!!! :|

She needs to see a therapist ASAP!

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