April 19, 2011


Birthdays! I love birthdays! As long as it's you and not me.

You're a friend I love and adore, you're the boyfriend I want to spend my life with, You're the mom and dad I love and respect, you're the sister I can't stop fighting with, you're a friend I grew up with. When it comes to all of them I cannot not think of big ways to surprise them or a big party to make their day.

But. When it comes to me I would rather curl up and watch some TV. I don't know why. Probably if you get me up to party or some thing like that I would, but initiating something on that day? Not me!

I think this started when I was 16 and a few months. August, it was August. I started walking towards school. As soon as I reached the gate, I saw some of my friends standing there looking solemn, a grim sharp look on their faces. I stopped in my tracks. I could almost feel the announcement coming but I didn't want to hear it at the same time.

Anurag. A friend, brother, confidante I grew up with. A long time ago our mothers decided they should take both of us to this Teachers' picnic that happened annually. I met this shy little boy who refused to talk. I offered to play badminton, hop scotch, jump the rope and everything I could think of with him.

No, he said.
But do you want to play scrabble?
Yes, I don't mind.

The geek inside of me approved. And we became friends. Not hang-out all the time, play on the streets, get grubby and dirty together in the mud kind of friends. But the kind that would sit together after school and finish homework while we waited for our Moms to finish all their work at school. And along with it came birthdays. On the eve of my birthday I would go out with my parents for dinner. And I always asked him to join us. He always did.

He had been so troubled those last few months. I had hardly ever talked to him. And I heard from common friends that he was... busy with this and that and never happy. And I had never got the time to actually sit and ask him what was wrong. Maybe if I had, things would have been different. I could have tried to help him. When I was ready to hear about him I learned he was found on the railway tracks, barely recognizable. He was a happy kid all the while I knew him. I didn't believe he would do that himself. But we never found out.

Over the years I have celebrated birthdays and loved it. Mainly because I have friends who are ready to party anytime of the day or night and won't take no for an answer when it comes to birthday celebrations. But every birthday since then I have thought of him and always will.

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Ashley D. said...

I happen to love my birthday! I always turn it into a 2 or 3 day event! I think my birthday should last for an entire month!! :) My husband thinks I'm crazy! LOL!

Just stopping by from WOB Wednesday!

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