April 25, 2011

Music Monday #3 & Happy Quotes

I had the happiest weekend and since the happy fever has carried into the dull Monday as well...I'm going to bombard you guys with a super happy songs. You know how some songs are so happy that even if you are in your death bed you'd want to get up and dance and sway to the song?

Jason Mraz - I'm yours: That's my all time happy song (Before Mraz wrote/sang this, Someday by Sugar Ray used to be my happy song among some others, some Michael Buble in the later years too). Anyhoo, I'm Yours never become outdated but then how can Happy ever be outdated. Right!? Happy is something you can never OD on :)

Also, some happy quotes from my Happy Bombay Weekend:

1. "Karuuuuuuuuuu"
2. "Let's get a beer tower...AND a pitcher too!"
3. "We all know who are the mean ones in the group, Sonam and Pooja"
4. "What's up, the love of my life?"
5. "OMG, I love you guys!!!"
6. "You live on a beach! F.U.C.K"
7. "Mrin, I could do this everyday (sigh)"
8. "Hawaiin Shackkkk! YEA!"
9. "GOA. All of us. October!...Pleaaasseee!"
10. "She is it?" "Yes, she's is it."


Anonymous said...

♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

Anonymous said...

Well... I never you write... its awesome Pooh... and love your weekend quotes... its was indeed one of the best memorable and best ever weekends I have had.... just missed by 1 Sonaaaammmm..... But its beautiful... Sonam you can now see what was the weekend all about.... in the fav qoutes.....

Love you guys tooo

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