August 18, 2011

'CD Le Lete Hai Yaar' & Drama Mama

If you don't speak Hindi or Urdu that first part won't make much sense. It means, "Let's just buy a CD, man!'

This phrase was said around 30 times in the entire time we spent travelling for our Jaipur Weekend getaway. Other than the odd car-swimming-in excess-rain-water-scenario, the bad ass traffic situation while coming back, and our badly timed trip to Chokhi Dhani (a place that has the look and feel of a village but is a resort) I'd say the trip was exactly what I needed. Rest, Peace, Sleep, Pool and B (all to myself).

However it's strange how we react to unpleasant situations. We responded to the never ending mad traffic by singing songs whose original lyrics were replaced by expletives. It's quite fun destroying legendary songs. Especially when the only other option is to show your frustration in pretty violent ways. B made that game up. We just got addicted.

Also when we arrived in Chokhi Dhani we were prepared to surrender our city selves to the raw-ness of the rural. Turns out as soon as anything becomes too 'non-city' we recoil. But the place was really a nightmare. I mean take a stampede and dial it down a notch and that's what we got. We couldn't have got out of that place faster. These are 4 people that Chokhi Dhaani is never seeing again. As our wise friend P pointed out, it was more of a refugee camp than a luxury resort.

In other things, we are going to throw V a surprise party, for something that turned out really well for him. I am the main protagonist in the 'Act' that leads to the "Surprise!!" moment. I mean "I" know that I'm a major drama mama but all of my friends have started to increasingly have more faith in my drama skills. I don't know if should worry or be happy about this. Hopefully it's a good thing.

Ok, off to my Oscar moment now. V, brace yourself!!


Nas said...

Sounds like a pretty horrible trip :P.

One of my friends says I should join drama school too 8-).

Hope you're well P!

Shady said...

One of the most memorable .. especially with the back flips .. and the ungraceful shoulder jumps ..

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