August 17, 2011

Just Another Day At Work

Sometimes, work seems overwhelming so you write something like 'Fuck Everything' as your Facebook status. However, soon after FB makes your account 'Temporary Unavailable.' Then a friend pings you...

Yash: why is your fb profile unavailable?
Me: I dont know!!
i just tried to log in and its says
account temp unavailable
Yash: you just tried to fuck everything that was not required
that was not to be fucked around with
Yash: seriously
I can't comment
Me:seriously i can't see my profile

But seriously, it was one of the most educative random GTalk chats I've ever had:

Did you know in Hyderabad there is a flyover called 'Telugu Talli'?
Talli in Hindi is slang for getting drunk. So there is actually a flyover celebrating drunkenness? Not quite. Talli in Telugu means Mother. Next Mothers' Day I'm going to send a card to my Mom saying 'Happy Talli Day.' Just for kicks.

Murphy's Law Of Typos: If you've made a hilarious typo while you're chatting, you will continue make that typo unless you end the chat or switch topics.

Yash: BTW why are you Idli?
oh, I mean, idle
Me: I have no idea!
Yash: It's weird
You and me chatting with you Idli.
Damn! Idle.
Me: Obviously, you like Idli
Yash: No! I hate Idlis!

FYI - Idli's are a type of South Indian dish that you get...well, everywhere.


upasana said...

hahahaha! idli :P

and yea - i tried posting on your post and it suspended my account for like ten mins too :|

Sanhita said...

There are worse kind of typos like when you want to type one sec but you hit the key to the left of c!

Sweta said...

lol :D my best friend and I do the typo thing all the time.hilarious!

Nas said...

Haha! A flyover to celebrate drunkedness :P. You reckon your mother would share you sense of humour?

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