August 18, 2011

Meet The Parents - 1

So, mother called up last night to say Dad will be in town and he'd want to meet me. And B too! My heart was potentially where my stomach should be. I deliberated over it (even though there was no point in it) for 15 mins and called B to tell him. He seemed pretty much in control.

Until, of course when I met him in the morning. He was nervous. I was nervous. As a couple of people who have never done the 'meet the parents with serious intentions' regime before we tried to hide it from the other...not for long though. By mid-day my heart was where my guts should be and my guts felt weightless! Sitting here with the headphones on I can listen to my heart beat. Loudly. What's interesting is... Why the F do I have my headphones on if I'm not playing my music?! Nervousness can be brain damaging at times.

Though I think I have to take a moment here and say that the parents have been nothing but super {insert all kinds of good superlatives} about the whole thing. You'd think this would make it easier, but somehow it doesn't make the tiniest bit of difference. Hell no!

On top of all this, just make things a little easier on us V sent us this:


Funny article! Top takeaways:

Nothing says "I can't take care of your daughter" more than a limp-noodle handshake.
By the end of this (Q&A) session, you will most likely feel out of breath, beaten, and less of a man - however, if done correctly, it will soon be over with.
Turn around and flash her parents a smile while you close the door if you are feeling dangerous
drive at 15 miles an hour until u are out of their sight

Anyhoo, will tell you how it went. As of now, both of us are shitting bricks!


Sweta said...

Awww I have the heebejeebees too have to meet the parents soon-which kind of brings forth such reactions :)?(anticipatory smile) :|~(nervous drool) x(/:O/O.o (fullfledged panic)
G'luck though <3 It'll be fine :)

Nas said...

Ahhh. Gooooood luck! Hopefully it'll go well. :)

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