August 11, 2011

Life's Never Boring!

You're going to office early, attending meetings like a Boss, working like a slave, leaving office at 11pm AND doing this for 2 weeks straight. So you sit up and  say 'It's the middle of the week. I neeeed a break. We're going to go get sloshed.' And of course you're friends agree because they are chill like that. And also, because ex-roomie will be leaving soon and we obviously need a farewell which involves copious amounts of alcohol.

We are down pat with the crazy shit alright! But getting the cops chasing after us is crazy in our books too.

Yes, we had them running after us. When the clubs threw us out we started dancing in the raining in the parking lot with the volume pumped up. Some of us were feeling pretty brave and decided to dance on top of our cars. And I was feeling braver than usual, so when V came and told me 'I think we should move, the cops will come and that...' I said ' OHH! there's music playing we'll make them dance as well.'
Turns out not. 2 minutes later they came running with those fat ass sticks in their hands. I've never seen a gang of drunken people move so swift. Especially us.

Dear God, I said I wanted a break not break a bone!

In other good news, I'm going to Jaipur. Thanks to awesome thinking/socializing/decision-making skills of B we landed ourselves quite a steal of a deal for a weekend trip to Jaipur AKA Pink City. It's called the Pink City because majority of the houses are painted in pink! A guy's worst nightmare, noh? I can't wait to spend my weekend in that super lush spa and laze around and basically do nothing but roll in my bed. Weekend, come soon!
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