September 4, 2011


Today is my first tattoo-versary!

Yay! One year since I got that awe-fucking-some tattoo. I remember the day as clear as yesterday - Eno & M were there backing me all the way. I thought I'll scream and faint and raise hell. Turns out, I didn't. The pain kinda numbed after the first 5 mins.

It's a guitar (that has the treble-clef note in it) and has one wing. People ask me why. I have a long monologue in my head. But the essence of it really is - Music sets you free, because!

Music Sets You Free


upasana said...

We got it done around the same time no? Me on my b'day :) I remember we had desks on the opposite sides and we were discussing designs :D :D

Happy Tattooversary love!

Nas said...

It's pretty cool! Did the guitar drink half a can of red bull?

Sweta said...

That is sexy!Happy tattooversary!

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