September 18, 2011

Curve Ball Or Dodge Ball

I'm tired of serious posts & I'm tired of Life playing the serious card right now. And like I promised myself way back - be it curve balls or dodge balls I'm going to keep it light. Because there isn't enough time to sit and repent and/or sulk.

So, a few days back when all my work related BS started, I let myself be bogged down. I'll be honest, I considering going on an evil manslaughter spree (with a borrowed .45) in the office and then finally jump from the 15th floor of the building. I'm not sure, if there is a terrace up there but I would've figured that out when I got there. But soon it dawned on me that all this is pointless. So I just proceeded to read this article on 'how to disagree with your boss.' And the only piece of useful advice the whole WikiHow article had was - Remember, ultimately they are the boss.

Then I realized that this shouldn't be a biggie for me. I'll figure things out, like always. And with B (he really does make a lot of sense most of the time) this should be easier. Figuring things out that is. And well, at least I haven't lost a limb or a loved one or I didn't fall of a building (though I did contemplate it) or I'm not ugly and I don't have body odor or ugly body rashes. 

And then A told me - Dude, who're you kidding?! Remember that dry spell that lasted 2 years? Remember the time when you didn't date for those 2 years? Or remember the time when you decided to go into a long distance relationship with an Arab guy you hardly knew?! Or the time you couldn't eat for 10 days because of your freakking wisdom tooth that never came out! Suck it up, P!

Ahhh, sometimes, all you need is some perspective. And yes, I've had bigger problems in life.


Ice Maiden said...

Lol... The Arab guy bit cracked me up! :P Did that really happen or you, like me, have friends that exaggerate a little (a lot)?! :P

Jokes apart, your last line really sums it all up. :)

Nas said...

You're right, perspective can really make or break us. We choose to see some things a particular way but usually miss the whole point!

Stay smiling P.

PG said...

@Ice Maiden: It really happened! But I do have friends who exaggerate so much so that every heart burn is a heart attack in their dictionary.
@Nas: MIssing the point - I do that very well. BUt there are always people who can bitch slap you back into reality. :D

upasana said...

Arab guy! ohhhh fuckk! how did we stop making fun of that ever! oh wait that was an asshole story!

Love the post! and thank God someone knocked the sense back into you!

astha said...

nice one!

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