September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wonders : The Red Door!

So, I told you there was something interesting coming up for you guys!

I handpicked some of the most funniest, insightful, silly, ridic or even 'serious' blogs for ALL 55 OF YOU that visit me everyday (or so I like to believe) so that you can see, read and appreciate some bloggers that I really love and adore and genuinely enjoy. I asked them about their blogs and threw at them some random questions and rapidfire round as well. This was definitely the funnest part - getting to know them a little better. And the first one in this series is Sweta from The Red Door.

My Two Cents (Or more)

Well, she's a cutie. You'd read her blog and go 'aww' or 'yea! I know! that, exactly'- if you're from Calcutta. She believes 'Calcutta' is whole lot cooler name than 'Kolkata' and can hold her poison (I think it's vodka, she blogs a lot about vodka). And she can churn up a mean blog design, he stuff is whack, yo! Ok, nuff said, read up now.

Getting To Know Sweta

The Customary 'About You':

Hi I'm Sweta and I'm pretty much awesome.I have been blogging since 2008,but not on the same blog.I'm notorious for disappearing with trails.I'm from Calcutta(so much cooler than Kolkata) where the food and the auto rides are cheaper and better.I LOVE reading and that influenced my choice of grad subject-English lit.I pretty much change my blog couture once in-well,always.When it started to get annoying I decided to start a blog design business.My blog is mainly about writing(the kind people don't read.observation:I tend to get more comments when I only post pictures.I take it as a personal insult sometimes.Othertimes,nay.who cares?!I got comments!).I love making new friends(not particularly) and I would love it if you dropped by(particularly,yes).And I would like to thank Pooja for featuring me!She made me feel like a celebrity.In my book that calls for 5 martinis and limo ride.<3

Tell Me More, I Say!

1. Do you like cuddling? 
Of course!It's like nimbu pani to my vodka.

2. If you were a superhero, which one would you be?
One with the nice(and assuming natural boobs) Wonderwoman?No I'd rather be tintin.I'm saving the world and not getting spandex rashes.That's a win-win.

3. Favorite Cuss Word :
diddlyf*cksonofabitch.Yes I always use that.No abbreviations.

4. What do you think of supersonic jets?
I like them.

5. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you almost pee'd your pants, dammit!:
Every time.Every.Damn.Time.

6. What's your favorite excuse for anything at all?
I'm honest and kind of a bitch.So I say "I didn't do it cos I don't like it" I tried that with my father.I suggest you don't.

7. When was the last time you defied Death?!
Last week.I'm a klutz and I keep falling.On the road.From buses,autos,from my own feet.The last time was a banana peel.

8. Word(s) that make you squirm!:
Smooch.(Use: Omg you have a new boyfriend.Did you guys smooch?<--you'll get punched),hubby,superlike(this is like wildfire),snap(like photos),"Will you make frandship with me?"(who hasn't got this in orkut/fb?)

9. Best part of the day for you?
Late evening \m/ blogging,t.v shows,catching up.

Rapid Fire (Gotcha!)

dog or cat - dogs!What the diddlyfucksonofabitch use is a cat?
tea or coffee - lemon tea and black coffee.
cute guy or gay friend - I've had cute guys.I've never had a gay,the latter.
planes or trains - trains with clean bathrooms.
dawn or midnight - midnight for movies.Dawn for photography :)
online or offline - selectively online ;)
favorite song - It changes.But right now-I will Follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie
favorite movie - Never let me go-a british drama based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.
favorite book - The Kiterunner.First book that made me cry.
rock or pop - Rock.But pop is my guilty pleasure.ra-ra GagaGAAA.If I don't stop I'll be forced to Get another boyfriend.
music or sports - music.I was a fat kid who loved her cake and wouldn't get off her ass.
chocolate or vanilla - chocolate!dad alleges I would eat even mud because i like the colour brown.I assure you that's wrong. kinda.

Thankee Sweta! Now, all you lovely people, gooooo visit her HERE!


Nas said...

Sweta's awesome, I agreeeee :D.

Sweta said...

Aww yaay!Thanks for making space for me!
Find yourself on my blog as well :)

Ice Maiden said...

Hey this was really cool!!!! :) Sweta sounds really kickass!

The smooch thing I TOTALLY agree to - what are you like 7?! jeez! :P

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