September 27, 2011

"Happy Birthday, B!", Toy For My Boy & Free Stuff

Yesterday, was B's birthday! I had planned a million things - but as they say 'Man Proposes and God Disposes.' But it was fun anyway! Happy Birthday, B!

Actually September has always been a flurry of birthdays for me...and a nightmare for my pocket money > summer job salary > salary account. Mom, dad, bro, Rock, Upasana/Roomie/Hater, Bestie (A), B...phew, you see what I mean? 

Also, the only thing that went according to plan was the gift. I decided that big boy needed a sophisticated toy. All of us got together to give him exactly what he wanted. The glee on his face when he opened the gift wrap on it - priceless!
Unwrapping In Progress!

Too Much Love For The PS3
However, the birthday ended with a dance on this song. I love how fancy B can be sometimes and how good he is with the jive.

Also, like a week back we got these really cool Camelbak sippers. B and I carried it out everywhere, no really, i mean everywhere! And we made promises like we will drink 2/3 litres of water everyday. It took him exactly 5 days to lose that bottle. Easy come, easy go.


Aasiyah said...

A bumper sticker says: Toys For The Big Boys.

I can only imagine the glee and sheer happiness he was feeling inside.

Happy Birthday to him. :)

upasana said...

Upasana/Roomie/Hater!!!!! Whoaaa! :|

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