February 17, 2011

I am...

I am that friend, and this lover.
I am a daughter, and a sister.
I am the dawn, and the moon. I am the star you can't see.

I am the first sound you make and the last thought on your mind.
I am the breeze on the beach, the dusk in the mountains.
I am the cold February rain.
I am the warm sunshine. And the cold dew at night.

I am the movie bawler, the song bawler. I am the one who cries when you shed a tear.
Yet I didn't when my world crashed around me. Many a times. 
I am weak. But I was strong.
I am short. And I have lofty ideas. I love. And I hate.
I am stable. I got my mood swings. Oh they swing and how.
I'm level headed. Hot-headed. I am stubborn and cute and a royal pain.
I understand, I sympathise, I empathise.
I am a traveller and a wanderer. I am a couch potato.
I am a night person. I am the one who loves sunrise.
I am the one with the dreams. I am the one who had Insomnia.
I am the one who questions God. I am the one who has unquestionable faith.
I am spontaneous. I am the one who plans. 
I am the one to keep promises. I am the one with confessions.
I am an open book. I am the one who's a mystery.
I am the winner and loser and the sinner and the believer.
I am everything and nothing all at once.


Maryx said...

I love this post! Brilliantly written! =)

PG said...

Thanks =)

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