November 15, 2011

How To Make Friends (No, Seriously You Need This)

So after a marathon month of September, and the ginormous F1 weekend, and the last few weekends I have realised that everybody needs some ground rules before you jump into a life-long friendship.

1. Please make sure all your friends do not have their birthdays in the same damn month. Unless you just inherited some major dough from a rich-ass uncle of yours AND you're a person who shares.

2. General advice would be to have some teetotallers in the group. You know some people who will probably hold you back from drinking for a week straight. Not people who'll say "Let's have beer bombs" or "Let's do cognac shots" after your 13th drink.

3. People who would rather have coffee/lemonade to get rid of their hangover instead of beer.

Yes, those are the ground rules. You need them, you do. Or you definitely will at some point in time.
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