November 13, 2011

Not Easy, A Settler & Bitch Bashing

It's not easy without constant internet access. But it's easy to fall out of an old routine and into a new one, especially if the new routine defines Lazy. It's easy to take care of people you love, relentlessly.

What is not easy is to stop missing your Plus Ones. It's not easy to stop missing your morning Costa coffee. It's not easy to keep up with the patience you absolutely need for a job hunting spree.

But on the brighter side I can say the phrase which has always intrigued me - I'm in between jobs!

Really, I've always wondered what that would sound like when I say it like I mean it. Well now I know. It usually gets people thinking the following:

1. You're no good.
2. You can't hold a job.
3. You're nutcase for not having a back up before leaving.

Well, they've obviously never taken risks in life. The thing is I'm not a Settler. I can't settle for things that don't motivate, or make me feel good about me. Or things that are not taking me anywhere. That is why I can't settle for the 2 penny company jobs that are coming my way. I want the Right thing.

In other things, I'm totally hating on this big fat chick who thinks I-don't-know-what about herself. The only thing worse than a raving mad bitch is a bitch who pretends to be your friend. Have the decency to say what you have to on a person's face. And maybe I wouldn't be venting it out had it been about me. But you hurt a loved one - then you better gear up for all of my wrath/fury.

The thing about hate is, it is blinding and blinding in waves. Sometimes the hate is so blinding I swear had she been anywhere near me I could pass her through a shredder. Ok, I don't want her to die and all, no I'm not saying that but I do hope she gains like 10 pounds before her wedding, becomes downright obese in the next 6 months, falls flat on her face and accidentally ends up swimming in sewage water.

The boy thinks that we shouldn't be banking on a couple of people to tell us the absolute truth about somebody. I'm of the school of belief that there is no smoke without fire. So here's to hoping that I don't meet her anytime soon. And I'll try out my very well concealed zen-like state for now.

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