November 14, 2011

Dance Dance

So I date a guy who jives so good, you'd wish he was a ball of chocolate that you could eat. And P dates URoy who dances like a dream in her sexy way. I mean ALL four of us can do the club dancing, shake a leg or even two and even look good/hot/sexy while doing it.

But the deal with P and me is that our better halves are literally the Better Half when it comes to ballroom dancing, jive etc etc. So that night out when all of us were dancing away to the music not worried about anybody at all, we saw B and URoy dancing in their usual effortless style. Needless to say, not being quitters we collectively thought - Dammit, we could do it as well. Yes, we danced.

We got the moves wrong, stepped on each others toes, probably cursed each other a few times too, and in the middle of it we realised that we don't really know how to end a dance gracefully. So P said, 'Lets just clasp our hands and charge out of the dance floor' and that's how it ended. Fine performance overall. Nobody was injured, no beer bottles smashed, and no broken toe bones. We did good, P!

But that's when I realised why people need to fit like a jigsaw and why we need a better half after all. Broken toe bones & general injuries are better avoided.


upasana said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!! You guys were looking super cute btw! Kazmi n I stopped dancing and just stood there laughing for while (mostly at P's expressions). And yea, the ending was worth a million bucks :P :P

Shady said...

*Raises Collar*

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