November 21, 2011

Selfish Love

It's difficult for people to be not busy. Because that's what we humans have evolved into. We gone through years and years of changes and evolution to become a breed that has so much to do at any given point in time that they hardly have time for themselves. There is so much clutter in our lives in forms of meetings, people you HAVE to connect with, emails that have to be sent out, reservations to be made, things you absolutely need to shop and so on and so forth that we always tend to eat into the time that should be about 'The Real Deal' in our lives. Things that matter the most.

Probably the only thing that hasn't evolved enough in humans is that stupid crazy heart. You know you don't have a care in the world, you don't have the time either or enough days in your calendar but that heart of yours will still go and find people that you want to do little things for, want to give some of that precious me-time of yours to, want to go all out for. Sometimes, these people are friends, cherished roommates or lovers.

But like I said, even those friends/lovers/roommates can get busy in this thing called Life. It's different (I Think) when you're spending 9/10 hours in a day with them sharing that office space. Keeping in touch is easy, asking about each other much easier. Well, I understand the difficulty of it all. I'm really bad at keeping in touch. Especially when life is flooded with things/issues/situations I've never faced before. Actually, you know that's not quite true. I'm only bad with talking on phones. You write me a 2 line email I will reply with a 100 lines. I like writing long, nice emails. And I do just that with most of my friends.

It is just that very few of your friends/roommates/lovers will know you enough and ask if You are feeling OK. If You are doing good. Because, while all tough situations in life may not be about you, you will still need the strength, compassion, love and understanding to go through with it.

Whenever, I'm at Pasta's place she'll always ask "You holding up fine?" or something to that effect. And will always leave me an offline/online message asking if I'm doing okay. And at the end of the day that's all you need. To know that there's someone who's thinking about You and sometimes only about you.

Because, we all need a little bit of selfish love at times.


upasana said...

how are you pooha!? :P

Also, love the new look :)

Astha Alang said...

hehehe :D I love it!

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