February 18, 2011

End of An Era, Heena Sharma, Why Goodbyes Suck

Beginning of this year was really the end of an era in more ways than one. I moved out of my house after 1 year. Why this? All of a sudden. Because suddenly I miss the fact that I dont have the house anymore. I miss it. I miss the fact that I live like a nomad nowadays. I don't really have a solid place to call my own. I'm shuttling between my new place and Mr. B's place most times. I'm not really complaining, it just feels weird after staying alone for like 2 years now.

Also a month later one of my super close friends, Heena, decided to move on with her life and left the job. She's gone to study in Australia. I couldn't be happier for her. She deserves that and so much more. Just that she was a really close friend and not having her around makes things seem a little off. Even though we didnt lunch together all the time, or hang out together at all times we talked about stuff. About things in her life and mine. Trying to make sense where there was none. And trying to say the truth to each other even if that was not we wanted to hear. We weren't always friends and Heena is testimony of the fact that first impressions are not always the right ones. I think both of us made a lot of pre-mature judgements about each other. But gradually we became friends and I treasure her friendship more than I ever expected to. Heena Sharma, here's to you and a life you always wanted.

Goodbyes Suck. Period. You know they do! I hated saying goodbye to Heena and I hated saying goodbye to all the people I have ever said goodbye to (barring a few, ofcourse). A lot of times I've thought why I hate it so much (no really, you have no idea how much it freaks me out). I figured it is because I fear I will forget the way they look and smile and talk. The small things they do that make them the person they are, that make me love them that way I do. I might forget and that's something I don't want happening.


Nas said...

Goodbyes do suck bug hairy balls. (excuse any bad imagery this may have cungered up).

&& you're right, we're so afraid, of forgetting them, that we don't even contemplate saying goodbye.

Every tear you cry, everytime you sigh when you go THAT special coffee shop, or THAT special park, reminds you that there are some of the strings attached.
After a time, when you go back to THAT special coffee place, or THAT special park, tears wont come, and neither that heavy feeling in the heart, but you will smile, when you think what good times you had together. When you reach that stage, you'll remember a lot better, because your vision will no longer be blurred / blinded by the tears.

Have a lovely weekend

Maryx said...

I hate goodbyes. There are one of the saddest things in life to me. That's why when I have to say goodbye to someone or something - I don't. I can't get myself to utter the words.

I avoid it like the plague. And sometimes people take it up the wrong way. But really, I don't want to say it. Just let it happen. It hurts, just a little less.

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