February 2, 2011

Li Ho Ma! (Life List, When Work Sucks, Putting The 'We' In Awesome)

First things first. That random Taiwanese hello (yes, Google Translate is awesome) is for all those people from Taiwan who've been visiting my Blog religiously. Greetings to you my lovelies. I don't know who you guys are or why you're interested in this Blog (and I'm not complaining!) but you guys are totally beating the US and India visits/pageviews hands down!

In other things I finished writing down most of my Life List items. There are still some to go and Imma get to that later. Listing these out I realized that most of them are to do with Love & Travel. Kind of makes sense. Those are mostly the things that could interest me any time of day, any day of the week. I want to be able to strike at least 10 of them off this year. Amen!

Also, right now, work is totally sucking the life blood out of me. With everything that's going on or everything that has come to a standstill (sounds more apt) I totally feel like I'm playing a game with my fictitious older brother who also happens to be an asshole. Remember the game you played with your older sibling that you could never ever win?

Fictitious Older Brother: You throw the ball. If I catch it I win!
*I throw the ball. He misses.*
Me: YAY! You didn't catch it, so I win!
Fictitious Older Brother: NO YOU DON'T! Because I have double crazy dragon ball abilities and you can't throw the ball with your right hand, which you did. So I win. Also, I have catch fire power where even when I haven't caught the ball I have actually caught it. So again, you lose.

Also you HAD to keep playing this game with your asshole fictitious older brother AKA Assfickilicious bro because either you'll be tortured or excluded from any future ball games or he'd tell on you for something you're not even sure u did. So I keep playing this game. Just wait till I'm grown up to know better!

I was thinking about a lot of random things today, not unlike most times. Have you seen how some people say 'I put the ME in AWESOME'? I would rather put the WE in 'Awesome.' I mean, come on, it's no fun being awesome all alone! You should always have other awesome people to share your awesomeness with, for eg, the awesome things you say or the awesome things you do. Only a truly awesome person can appreciate genuine awesomeness. So if you're awesome alone, people will think you're a misfit or just a tad weird. Uhh, now an awesome person wouldn't want that right?

Oh and did I mention Awesome? Yea, I think I did. But you get the drift. Also, since you made it to the end of this post, 10 brownie points to you! Because I really had my doubts.

Zai ken! (For my Taiwanese friends, again)


upasana said...


change the background ASAP, you know my attention span!! Also, the word recognition thing just asked me to retype 'flanches' ??!!!

PG said...

Ur such an unverified user! BWAHAHAHAH

What is flanchesss...

Nas said...

LOL @ the paragraph about awesomeness.
Though tbh, I don't know why I'm lol-ing, it's actually so very true, and nicely said.


Kortney said...

Hi! I'm over from the hop and I'm following you now! come visit me at Kortneyskrazylife.blogspot.com
Have a great night!! :)

Sweta said...

We can be totally together in Awesome.Ahoy,sailor! :D raise the sails,I'll tak the wheel :D This post made me laugh so much *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your writing style and posts. I stopped by from FTLOB and will be sure to stop by again!

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