February 4, 2011

A Question, Drunken Promises, Hangover

Yesterday I stayed back pretty late at work (till about 11.30pm - had a client call, ugghh) and also because later I were to go this partay with friends. Anyhoo, so I was hungry and ate a small amount food (because like some women I'm not blessed with the best metabolism) but then I saw those Gulab Jamuns and I caved :(
These Indian sweets are LOADED with calories but like all things that ooze saturated fat these are yummy. Mmmm. But no one was around while I ate it. Remember that philosophical question (which later sparked some major scientific discussion as well) that went something like: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
So if no one saw me eating those, did I really eat it? And if I didn't really eat it, do those calories count? I really am the queen of wishful crapful thinking.

Oh so the party was good. Real good. Because the alcohol was on the house. So getting drunk was the only option. Mr. B and I, when drunk, make promises of forever. I like them drunken promises.

We got out of the place at 5 in the morning. Five, mothef***kers, five. On a weekday! Next time remind not to party up on a weekday. Unless there is alcohol on the house. And since office was closer to the club than our place we decided to go to office Also, since all of us were hammered out of our wits we thought we might as well sleep in the car. One awesome decision after another. We really were on a roll. 4 hours later when I woke up (which is actually just 4 hours ago), still drunk, I was limbless and my neck had gone for a toss. The car was stuffy and my head was exploding. No we didn't find any tigers in the bathroom but nonetheless it wasn't pretty. Just because they made a really funny and cool movie doesn't mean it is either funny or cool. It sucks. I've been seeing white and red dots ever since I woke up. Actually completing my assignments seems like an insurmountable task. But gotta do what you gotta do, right? And I have to do some 1500 things today. When it rains it sure pours, man! Ok going away from the laptop before this tsunami sized headache kills me.


Nas said...

Gulab Jamuns are amazing!
Keep them away from me.
The Hangover was a great movie. :P To watch I guess, probably nowhere near as good to experience it.
Drink some fluids, and keep yourself hydrated.

Nas said...

Oh and there's something for you on my blog. Most recent post!
Have a lovely weekend

Sweta said...

Does this mean the pizza I'm going to order when nobody's home doesn't mean anything minus the pleasure I derive from it?Sounds good!Totally appreciate your wondeful thinking[and no sarcasm here!]Agree,keep yourself hydrated and lay down when you can.haha I know this well,alchohol and me are more pally than I'd like him to be.[no this does NOT mean I'm an alchoholic :P..I just like having a good time-too much,too often] loved the post!

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