February 28, 2011

Life Should Be A Musical, Music Monday #1 & Too Much Work

Sometime I feel the need to burst into a spontaneous song once in a while. Like 'Du Hast Mich' when I'm disagreeing with my boss, or a happy 'Candy In The Sun' on a particularly good Sunday, or 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For you' when I feel my love for Mr. B overflow (cheesy, I know). You know, something to make the moment perfect, something to bend the light and freeze it forever. So I kid you not, but I SINCERELY believe that my life should've been a musical. Is it just me or are there more of you out there? Please say yes, tell me I'm not crazyyyy....Aaarghhh!

Anyhoo...So here's to a Music Monday. This Adele is totally winning my appreciation hands down. She's sooooo talented and I love the texture of her voice, it's amazing. Ok fine, I'll stop before I sound like a creep. But seriously you guys should check her out. I love. Especially 'Someone Like You.' A little sad...but infinitely amazing. Here you go:

Also, I need some complaining to do. I am drowned in so much work that I have hardly any breathing time. That just sucks. I'm waiting for a day when I have something positive to say about my work. Soon, should be soon. Sigh.

Cya guys later :)

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