January 13, 2011

No Dearth Of Laughter

Yesterday Mr. B asked me 'What do you write about on your blog?' He knows I have one but doesn't know where and how to get to it. Just because I think it'd be weird for him to read what I'm writing.

Anyhoo, so to get back to the question. I wasn't honestly going back to the posts and re-reading them. They were just thoughts and I wrote them down and moved on. So, I couldn't really give him a summary. I decided to go back and read the posts.

WHAT THE FUCK! No really, I mean WHAT THE FUCK! I sound fucking sad, like some freaking damsel in distress. Just a disclaimer: I have so much going on during the day, so much silliness, randomness, laughter. I'm really NOT thinking about distressful shit most of the time. Hell, I don't have time from working and staring at Mr. B's cute face or cracking up with laughter at the antics of Upasana/Vineet/Shukla to be thinking so much. It;s just when the thought crosses the mind I prefer jotting it down to make myself feel a little better.

Just wanted to clarify this for whoever is reading it. Because Blogger Stats tell me that somewhere around 5-15 people are viewing this blog everyday. Whoever you guys are, I'm cooler than I sound. Kthxbi.

1 comment:

Clayton Thomas said...

Newest follower Now I get to see how "cool" you really are (ha ha). All the best.



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