June 11, 2012

I Had A Conversation With Little Me

WHAT IS IT? Why are you stalking me? Either I'm hallucinating or you've become a certified stalker!
I think you're hallucinating.
Well, that won't be surprising. This fever is sucking the life blood out of me. What are you doing her anyway? You're way past your bedtime.
Well, you of all people should know that I don't have a bedtime. Folks are chill like that.
Fine. But, again, what are you doing here?
Thought I'd pay you a visit. Things are changing aren't they?
Hmm, yes. They are. But I like these changes, you know. I guess you wouldn't know, you're too young.
Oh Gawd! Stop calling me young! Well, first I wanted to check with you and second that sister of ours is too much trouble. I thought I'd get away for a while.
Haha. Don't worry about it. By the time you hit 20 she'll be one of your best friends. You'll have hour long conversations with her on weekends about nothing at all. Laugh about random things that you won't even remember later.
Fine. I'll take your word for it. I mean I have to, don't I? But there's this other thing....or rather this other boy. He's moving! I mean I can't imagine. I've crushed on him for so long and now he's moving. I never even got to tell him anything. That's not fair is it? What if I regret it for the rest of my life and what if I die lonely?
Well, one thing's for sure you'll always be a drama queen. 13, 21, 25 - drama is your way of life. But that boy? Yeah, he was a good one. And he'll also be the first of your friends to get married...
Wait...WHAT?! Are you serious? I think I'm going to pass out from this physical pain.
If I was any healthier I would've rolled my eyes right now. No, you're not going to pass out. Relax. Well you won't be affected when that happens and you'd actually be really happy for him, you know?
 No, I don't know! I can't imagine me being...
Can I finish? Well, you will be happy. So deal with it. He will go on to be one of your really good friends...you might lose in touch though but you won't regret anything about this. I'd wish you were a lot more proactive about keeping in touch.
 Yeah, well. I'll atleast have the Super Seven with me all my life.
First, that's the lamest name ever. Second, don't count on that.
[Groan] You're like the bearer of the worst pieces of information ever.
What? I'm not saying you will stop being friends. Just some of you may not be around all the time. Some of you will go to far away places, do really well for yourselves and will always remember each other fondly. Also, you'll make some helluva friends that will mean more to you than you can possibly imagine right now.
Who are these friends?
Nope. Can't tell you that.
Sometimes you gotta let the magic happen without knowing all about it.
So tell me about these changes, huh?
What's there to tell? You know about them, that's why you're here, right?
Yea, obviously. But I want to know all about it. Tell me!
What did I tell you about magic just now. Ask me something else.
Will Pizza always be my favorite food?
Uhh...No. And thank God for that, my metabolism couldn't take the assault.
Utter Crap! A little bit of Pizza is going to do nothing.
 Yea, well, cherish the super brill metabolism while it's still there. And you'll start loving rice and all the glory of the Bengali food. Don't make that face. You will. And mangoes. You will start loving mangoes like no other fruit.
 I know, mom never stops trying to feed me some mangoes. Ha! And that rice, mango and Bengali food thing should be interesting.
Yes, so off you go! You're giving me a headache already.
Wow, so cranky.
 I know. Blame it on the fe-fe-fe-fe-fe-fever!
Never mind. And do me a favor, don't crave to be 25. It's not as glamorous as you think it is. I mean, okay, more fun definitely. But on and off you will crave to be in that sleepy town. So spend more time with the folks and stop bullying little sis.
God, you're all about the lectures these days aren't you? Anyway, I'll try. [Smiles]
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