June 15, 2012


"I want to travel the world." If you've been around me enough you would've heard this a fair number of times. But when it actually comes down to it I get this weird, can't put a finger on it, heart at the pit of my stomach kind of feeling. And, no, its not just about travelling alone. Maybe when I'm with others the sinking feeling is a little less...but its definitely there. I don't know if it's about keeping numerous vital documents with you, the long hours, the worry of having left something behind or the running around that becomes mandatory everytime you travel - but all you see of me, a couple of days prior to the journey, is a pile of nerves.

On the other side of the flight journey, though, is a Tourist Ninja.

1 comment:

Rathi said...

I know that feeling... but it is worth it. Happy journey.

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