June 8, 2012

Let It Be!

I was watching a video the other day (with a friend) about this girl who ranted away on how you shouldn't feel pressurized to get married as soon as you reach the so called marriageable age and how its OK to not run after a home, husband and kids. Basically it's OK to wait and what not.

But my point is, if I was getting married in say the near future (and I was that impressionable) this video would have made me feel pressurized and gulp down a couple of beers in the least. I mean WHAT THE FUCK?! It's a problem if you don't get married and now it's a problem and if you DO get married...can you girls decide? And why why why do we need to have norms!

In our quest of trying to liberate us from making choices that we did not want we are trying to tie us down with logic that never was. What you do with your life is your choice. I don't want to feel weird if I'm with the right person at the right time and wanting to get married. And god forbid if I'm in the 'right age to marry' bracket. I'm not doing it because of the pressure to do certain things at a certain age. I'm doing it because I genuinely want to.

If I'm able to live on my own and pay for my education (well half of it anyway) since the last 10 years. If I'm able to vote for the country. I think, I think, I would know when to get married. It's no pressure, really. It's these fucking FB statuses and blog posts from these 20-somethings that are so baffling. Ridic!

So yea, before you jump into your monologues about when someone should marry, at what age, to whom - so on and so forth...think again. It's all about living and letting the others live too, right?

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