June 22, 2012

The Libran, The Taurean & The Normalcy

This Taurean is not one to make quick decisions about taking on a lover. She likes to take her time...go slow. But this Libran man with his typical charming Libran ways has her saying yes quicker than she ever imagined. Something so unlike her leaves the Taurean's nerves on the edge but of course, all she needs is that charming smile to soothe those edgy nerves.

The Libran with his smile and keen sense of style never has a shortage of admirers. Which is in fact really good, because Miss Taurean tends to get comfortable. Those bevy of admirers keeps her going to the parlor every 2 weeks, keeps her from having too much of those ice creams or keeps her from not doing her nails on time.

But lazy Libran doesn't like to fuss over cleanliness. Taurean on the other hand is obsessive about it. But Mr Libra wants a well kept home and will fly off the handle when he can't find his socks. So for this and this alone he doesn't get in the way of Miss Taurean's cleaning frenzy. Which is perfect as far as Taurean is considered.

But while Taurean will never ask Libran to shower her with affection she will feel resentful if he doesn't. Taureans never ask, they're kind of crazy like that. But in that perfect Libran way he's never far away from appreciation. Or letting Taurean know about the endless possibilities of being together. While Libran is limitless and boundless in his imagination and takes Taurean to places she takes time to get comfortable with...Taurean is limitless and boundless with her love, security and passion.

But oh how she hates the PDA. But how unfazed is Libran because he knows she will warm up to it. All the Taurean woman wants is her sense of stability and security and routine. When PDA becomes routine, she stops complaining. Libran knows that very well. He's smart like that. And it is this intellectual bent of mind because of which Ms Taurean loves to have this big debates and important life conversations with Libran. While they both love beauty it is this connection they have at a different level that keeps them going. Strong.

So this Taurean brings some semblance of reality and stability into the intellectual, crazy about beauty and love, strong believer of endless possibilities and never quite jaded Libran. While the Libran is busy wooing her with his boundless ideas and affection when she's too grounded. Or putting her before him when she forgets about herself. Or just just plain dragging her out of the clutches of normalcy that she tends to gravitate towards.

Thank you for being my anti-normalcy drug, B!


Upasana Roy said...

awww mush post! :P

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