January 5, 2011

Baby Got Sick

Blackberry has been super sick since yesterday :(

He stayed up till I don't know what time because he couldn't breathe. In the morning again, he was shivering. You know the feeling when you're wrapped in helplessness? All you want to is make it better for that someone but you can't. That's how it was.

Blackberry also has this condition which is a lot like Sleep Apnea. AAAHHH! It effing WORRIES me to death. I can't tell you how much! 

OK, Dear God, Imma make a deal with you. You don't let him be this sick EVER AGAIN and get rid of his breathing condition. In return, he can decide to be with anyone (I think I know who) and won't ever blame you (yes, YOU, God) for the way things turned out. Good. Let's shake on it now. Or not. Whatever you prefer.

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