January 3, 2011


2010 in one word was 'fastantastic.' Hell yeah, I'm gonna make up my own word because the English language just isn't sufficient at times. I don't mind 2010 at all. You were good, baby.

By the way, I brought in the new years in the best way possible. For real.

With Mr. Blackberry - check
Barbeque and friends - check
Booze N Music - check
Dancing beneath the stars (while we shivered like jelly in the cold) - Hell yeah! :D
Emotional conversation with Blackberry's Dad - check
Tears - check
Waking up super happy - CHECKKKK!

Oh yes, AND I also have my resolutions in place. That's really a story for another post. I'm going to give you a 101 soon (Yes, I'm hoping that somebody's reading this, if not, that's cool too. After all the intention was to vent not publicize).

I really want to expand on the 'Dancing beneath the stars' bit but somethings are only meant for you to know and treasure. When I'm 70 I'll sit back and smile when I think of this. Oh, and hopefully Mr. Blackberry will be right there cracking cheap jokes. Did I tell you that he's probably the King of Cheap Jokes/One-liners? And I love it! But that's not all I love about him. I have a list of my own, which is predictably named 'Why I love Mr. Blackberry.' It's a mental list of-course, because I'm all about mental lists. When I'm in the mood I'll put it down on paper...err...this blog for whoever is reading it.
Jan 1 was brilliant as well. Lot of partying though. And too many special moments. I'm still saving the freaking rubber band that you tied around my finger. Also, very conveniently to avoid any embarrassment to him and to eradicate any awkward moments I didn't bring it up at all. He didn't either, so I'm guessing it's a good decision I took. However, in that moment we were infinite. Yes, infinite.

It's the third of January and things are back to normal. Super cold. And Blackberry is tucked in the bed. I'm going right there. Happy New Year!

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