January 10, 2011

Resolutions And The Works

I have decided. 2011 is going to be the year of Living-in-the-moment, Taking-it-one-day-at-a-time, Travel (yes, I stopped caring about the struggle to keep my head above the poverty line and vacation leaves left at work a while ago), Less unnecessary clothes (should make more room in my account for those travel plans), More fitness (my abs have been begging to see the daylight for a while now), and a few things more - some absolutely not essential for my existance and some to make this world a slightly better place. Remember that misplaced sense of responsibilty?

Things That Matter:

1. Donate for the education of children in my country (after all charity starts at home!). My dad always told me that education is not only important but an integral part of the growth of a country, a nation, and a human being. This is what frees the mind. And when the mind is free nothing is impossible! This is what will help us from breaking away from the shackles of the religious, cultural, racial, and geographic barriers.
So, this year I'm going to make the lives of atleast 3 under-priviledged children better. Help them get introduced to education. Help them free their mind. And yes, it doesn't stop here. I'm going to do this every year (ofcourse the number will change, hopefully, depending on how my salary changes). You should do it too, because in this day and time it's so easy and every little thing can be done online. Here are 2 websites that are genuine and you won't have to worry if your money has been honestly spent. 1) Give India and 2) CRY ORG.

2. Recycle - My aim is to recycle everything that can be recycled Or at least make an attempt to put the right stuff in the Recycle Bin. And no, I'm not talking about the one that's on my laptop screen! Smartass.

3. Old clothes and books - Will donate them on a regular basis. There is too much that we keep because we don't know what to do with them. Giving it to somebody who needs it more that your Cupboard is definitely an awesome idea.

Things That Matter Too (In a weird way)

1. Exercise more. Not weird. This is a totally sane new year's resolution. Haven't started it because there is too much work (read: I'm just being plain lazy and I would rather stare at the ceiling mindlessly then go to the gym). But I guess I owe it to myself and I am going to start from Jan 12 (I swear...ugghh). Like I mentioned before those abs really need to see some sunlight, hopefully in Malaysia or Goa. Anyhoo.

2. Travel More. One more non-weird item that made it to my list. ha! I don't have the places in mind. But I will travel more for sure. And try to take Blackberry along with me whenever possible. Good.

3. Watch more reality TV. I realised it makes me feel less demented and insane and out of place. Those contestants are whacked out dude! They just make me feel like a much better person. Some of them of make me go crazy and I say WTF in my head like a 1000 times over. But, hey, love 'em or hate 'em you really cannot ignore them. Unless of course there is no electricity.

4. Dance Classes! You would say that exclamation mark was unnecessary. But I'd say it wasn't. Had completely forgotten about it. Just remembered now. That I'm going to start from Feb 2011.

5. The rest of the list comes here. They need no explanation (read: I really don't want to give you an explanation) -- smile more, cry more, kiss more, laugh more, love more, know when to shut up, know when to speak, call home more often, talk to sisters more often, eat less junk, meet new people, swim in the summers, go for more walks in the Spring-ish season that we have (Mar & April), less Facebook, hog less, meet new people, be faithful to my blog, throw less tantrums (I'm NOT promising ANYTHING, I'll TRY)
Note: This list is under construction.

Some of this might make sense and some of this might not make sense at all. I mean, come on, it ain't easy to be me. My life list for the year is really supposed to make sense only to me. Hope the year started off well for all of you (whoever you are).


upasana said...

<3 If you get through 1,2 and 4 CALL ME!

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

Great resolutions! Hi~ I am your newest follower fro the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)


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