April 5, 2011

At A Loss Of Words

There are some moments in your life that leave you desperately grasping for the right words to describe it. Last Saturday was one such day. A month and a half worth of excitement, anticipation poured into that one moment of Team India's glory of lifting the World Cup. People were out on streets, complete strangers wishing each other, shaking hands, smiling incessantly. I have never seen Delhi like this, in fact, I have never seen my country like this. I should probably not say anything else. I should probably stay at a loss of words. There is no way I can even begin to explain what went down on the streets and in our hearts.

1 comment:

Mehwish said...

completely understand what u r saying. There was a lot of celebration here in NY too with guys beating drums n dancing the street..nothing can explain that feeling of pride and happiness

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