April 22, 2011

I Am Not Good Husband Material!

The other day I went to office while Mr. B stayed home as he was down with a bug. When I came back, I was expecting suffocating amounts of love and attention to compensate for how tired I was feeling. By does-not-talk-too-much-calm-like-zen boyfriend was ...well, his usually self if not a little bit low because of the sickness.

That's when it hit me. Thank God, I'm a girl...because I would make a terrible husband/bread winner. Because I'm going to be HIGH on expectations as soon as I enter the house. Or..maybe...Mr. B would be bad wife/breadmaker material. I mean it's really easy for me to show love/give attention. Being almost half of Mr. B's size all I have to do climb up on him and be like a mini whale sunbathing. There, that's a lot of attention for ANY man. Trust me. Although, that whole whale and me comparison is making me uncomfortable again! Anyhoo, thank God we play the roles we do play :)

Was there a point to this post? I don't think so. But who makes the rules? I do :D

1 comment:

PsycheBubbles said...

Thats an interesting comparison. :))
Keep writing such posts for no-apparent-reasons! :)

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