April 12, 2011

The One Where I Did Nothing

April 11: I decided I am going to  start gymming for sure this time. No more dilly dallying, no more wishy-washyness about this shit anymore. I mean how does it matter if NONE of my friends go to the gym. EVER. What if they choose to smoke instead. I will evangelize this whole system. Well, I don't think it's actually a system when a group 6/7 people are doing it but hey imma call it anything I want. I could feel the steel of a resolve building inside of me. Hell to the Yes!

April 12: We got up AFTER the office cab had arrived. So we literally had like 10 mins to get ready...or less. Yea well, that's how we roll ya'll. And out of those 10 mins I spent 8 mins on deciding whether I should carry my gym clothes to work. Is this the right day for me to start gymming? Can my metabolism take the sudden change? What if in the long run it affects my health? Finally I was like FUCK IT lets get this show on the road.

After a whole day's worth of work with my energy levels at an all time low I decided since I am in office till about 11 PM today let me wait out the boredom and low energy levels till I am my gymmy (?) best.

1 hour.

2 hours.

Didn't happen. And then I ate. Everything the cafe was serving. So my blood constitution is probably something like this:

(in order of count/number)

1. rice molecules
2. potato moleciles
3. ice cream molecules
4. red blood cells

So here I am at 9PM. Sitting in a meeting room. Wearing my Gym clothes. I don't know what the fuck made me wear them because NOW I'm too lazy to change back into my normal clothes. Try to lose weight comes with a shit load of crap! There's gotta be an easier way. Like may be not eating for a month. Maybe then I can shed a kilo/pound whatever.

Don't ask me why! Having sex with lights on is of utmost importance to me. Fuckface!

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upasana said...

hahahahahah! u fool!

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